If you are rescheduling an appointment where you have already paid a deposit, please do not book online.

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Currently servicing West Houston: Katy - Cypress area. Located off  Hwy 6 close to Keith Harrow. I DO NOT TRAVEL. However, if you are a LONG TIME (3+ years) client  and  have an event , please let me know and I will see (no promises).

Appointments are not booked until deposits are paid. Deposits are nonrefundable so please do not book unless you have read all of this information.  Please note:  A deposit only secures my availability to you for services at the date and time that is booked. I have a right to refuse service at the time of your appointment. If this is necessary, I will return your deposit via the same method I received it. 

You will receive an email confirmation within 15 min after deposit is paid. You will receive the confirmation at the email address that you enter. If its not correct, then you wont receive an email, so please make sure to put it in correctly. You will also receive an appointment reminder 24 hrs before your appointment.   PLEASE READ  THE CONFIRMATION TO AVOID DELAYS IN YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Work Hours

Saturday : 9am - 7pm 

Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Makeup Services  (deposits are included in service fee)

  1. Nude Glow  $60/$20 deposit - the "no makeup" look, with minimal or no eyeshadow. The look is an eyebrows and lash focus, with a beautiful beat and lip application of either gloss or colorful pop. Great look for a casual event, teen makeup, or if you're not really a "color" person and just want a clean beat. 

  2. Natural Glow $75/$25 deposit - Includes full glam makeup with  minimal 2-3 eyeshadows, soft highlight/contour, and a nude or colorful lip choice.  This is the classic beat that goes well at any event. When you don't want "too much" but you want to feel glammed and beautiful.

  3. Super Glow $80/$30 deposit - Includes more dramatic applications including glitter, and cut creases with stronger highlight/contour. Heavier look good for those who love to be "beat to the gawds." 

  • Before or after regular working hours is $20 additional (use the contact form to book this appointment. I will send you a separate invoice)

  • Same pricing for weddings, proms, etc.  All appointments are handled the same.